Finding The Right Newborn Doctor For You

Have you found a newborn doctor for your new baby yet? Dr. Gayatri Shanker, your pediatrician at Caring Pediatric Partners in Saginaw, MI, can help you ensure that your newborn is off to a healthy start.

How to find a newborn doctor

Choosing a pediatrician can be more complicated than it sounds. Fortunately, a recommendation from friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, or your obstetrician or family doctor can make the process a little easier. Although suggestions from other people are always helpful, keep in mind that the pediatrician your friend's kids see won't necessarily be the best choice for your child. You'll need to do a little research before you decide on a newborn doctor. Ideally, the process should begin about three months before your due date.

When you consider newborn doctors in the Saginaw, MI, area, think about:

  • Convenience: Does the office offer hours that will work with your schedule? Is it located within an easy drive of your home or workplace?
  • Availability of Same-Day Appointments: Same-day appointments are essential if you have a sick child, particularly if your child is a newborn. If you have to wait a day or two for your child to be seen, his or her health could deteriorate.
  • Patient Portals: Online patient portals make it easier to get information about your child's health. After signing on to the portal, you can review visit summaries and review test results. Some portals also allow you to make appointments or request prescription refills.
  • Contact Options: Does the office encourage parents to contact them with questions or concerns? If you have a question for the doctor, how long will you wait for a return call? Can you submit questions via email or the patient portal? Is a doctor or nurse practitioner available to answer urgent questions around the clock?
  • Health Insurance: You can usually find a list of pediatricians that participate in your health plan on the insurer's website. Of course, it's always a good idea to confirm that the doctor still accepts the insurance and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Your Impression: After you narrow down your list to a few possibilities, ask if you can meet with the doctor in person or during a virtual call. Your visit can help you decide if you're comfortable with the doctor and are confident in his or her ability to protect your child's health.

Do you need to schedule a visit with the newborn doctor? Call (989) 793-1095 to make an appointment with Dr. Shanker at Caring Pediatric Partners.

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