What To Expect During a School Physical

Dr. Gayatri Shanker at Caring Pediatrics Partners can perform school physicals in Saginaw, MI, for students of many ages. These physicals help spot common health problems and clear a child for playing various sports. In addition, understanding these exams can help parents better prepare for them.

What Happens During a Physical?

Physicals start with the doctor talking to both the parent and the child to establish any concerns. For example, suppose a child experiences pain in specific areas of the body. In that case, the physician can focus on diagnosing these issues and identifying what might be happening to affect the young one.

They can then move on to do a handful of different tests that gauge a child's overall health. These tests are designed to be easy to tolerate and pain-free, which helps young ones better handle this process. Just a few steps that your doctor may take during a physical include testing:

  • Height and weight and comparing them against a child's expectations
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol to spot potential heart-related issues
  • Oxygen saturation levels and ensuring a child breathes more easily
  • Scoliosis problems and other developmental health concerns
  • Coordination and reaction speed with various tests and diagnostic tools

During these tests, the physician typically watches the child to spot signs of irregular circulation, fluid buildup, or heart problems. They also look for developmental problems that may affect a child's abilities, such as potential coordination issues that may cause struggles.

Your doctor may also check your child's heart for any concerns during school physicals in Saginaw, MI. The primary purpose is to make sure that your child is healthy enough to start school. As a result, they may also test for potentially infectious diseases, including chickenpox.

What to Expect After the Physical

If your child has no severe health problems, you usually have no follow-up appointments. Instead, your physician can provide a statement claiming your child is healthy and ready for school. You can turn this statement into their school, if they want it, to get them back to classes.

When your child does have underlying concerns, you can work with your doctor to treat them. However, your physician still gives you a medical statement to give to the school. This statement explains a child's conditions and any steps that the school can take to help them.

We Can Help You

At Caring Pediatrics Partners, Dr. Shanker can provide involved school physicals for Saginaw, MI, students that help keep them healthy and ready for the demands of their education. So call us today at (989) 793-1095 to set up your pre-school physical appointment, as we get busy around the time school starts.

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