Vaccination Schedule for Children

Vaccines are important in giving your child a long and healthy life. Vaccines, or immunizations, prepare your child to fight illnesses they might encounter as they grow up and start going to school. Immunizations can prevent severe illness and injury and keep your kid safe and healthy.

So, what immunizations does my child need, and when? We help provide you with a schedule of what to expect. Dr. Gayatri Shanker at Caring Pediatrics Partners serving Saginaw, MI, knows life can be hectic with young kids. We are here with you to guide you and give you the support and resources you need when you need them.

What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are injections created to prevent diseases from hurting your child. Immunizations help your child build immunity to disease to avoid serious illness or life-long side effects. Immunizations are safe and effective and undergo rigorous testing before they are approved for medical use.

Vaccines work by introducing a dead or weakened form of a virus into your child’s system so they can develop antibodies to it. Antibodies are what help us fight off disease. As the virus is weakened, it is significantly easier for your child to defeat the virus and develop the tools they need to fight it off in the future. The vaccine teaches the immune system how to react to the disease so that your child stays healthy.

Common vaccines include vaccines for measles (MMR), meningitis, hepatitis B, rotavirus (RV), tetanus (DTaP), and influenza or the flu.

Vaccines are also cost-effective and prevent the need for hospital visits or procedures.

When Will My Child Need Vaccines?

As your child ages and starts going to school, they will first encounter disease out and about. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created a schedule of recommended vaccines your child should have to prepare for this.

Your child will require immunizations for various diseases on a schedule from birth up until they become an adult. This vaccination schedule is essential; it times out appointments for maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption to your child. You can review the CDC’s immunization schedule here to see a complete timeline of when to plan for vaccinations.

At Caring Pediatrics Partners in Saginaw, MI, we guide you along the way. We are invested in keeping your child happy and healthy. You can schedule vaccination appointments or well-child check-ups with Dr. Shanker by calling (989) 793-1095.

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